Our Leadership

Changing the face of healthcare together

Clinical Leadership

Dr. Rekha Bhandari

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Michael Yakabov

OD, Medical Director of Optometry

Dr. Angelito Tan

MD, Medical Director of Neurology

Dr. Ramandeep Brar

Medical Director of Cardiology

Dr. Brighid Gannon

Medical Director of Psychiatry

Dr. Ritu Saini

Medical Director of Dermatology

Dr. Eugine Shostak

Medical Director of Pulmonary

Dr. Larry Lefkowitz

Medical Director of Orthopedics

Dr. Sam Weisman

Medical Director of Gastroenterology

Dr. Ofelia Calubiran

Medical Director of Infectious Disease

Executive Leadership

Avi Mayer


Joel Teitelbaum


Yossi Rosengarten


David Prince

Vice President of Business Development & Chief Culture Officer

Julieann Regino

Vice President, Clinical Operations

Rory Bergancia

Vice President, Clinical Excellence

Aliza Grossman

Chief of Staff

Client Experience Team

Aaron Kurtzer

Regional Director

Heshy Deutsch

Client Experience Associate

Leora Rothstein

Client Experience Associate

Gionnon Goldhagen

Client Experience Associate

Shlomo Goldsieder

Client Experience Associate

Krista Steinmetz

Client Experience Associate

Theresa Bell

Client Experience Associate

David Wertheimer

Client Experience Associate