Aug 2023 Fueling Your Potential: Mastering Health and Wellness with Nutrition

Welcome to the August 2023 edition of the MedElite Monthly Newsletter, our regular digest of updates for the dynamic and constantly evolving world of healthcare and wellness. Today, we begin with a note from our CMO, Dr. Rekha Bhandari, that spotlights the growing demand for comprehensive home healthcare services. Next, we provide you with comprehensive updates on the groundbreaking expansion of the Amazon Clinic, an interesting new initiative set to reshape the distribution and revenue cycles of healthcare entities across all 50 U.S. states. Our in-depth analysis delves into the potential ripple effects of this expansion, envisioning a healthcare landscape that embraces convenience, technology, and patient-centric care.

Amid this exploration, we also shed light on the cornerstone of healthy living – nutrition. Our expert insights delve into the significance of balanced and mindful eating, revealing how the right choices can fuel your journey toward optimal well-being. We also share practical and actionable tips for integrating smart nutrition practices into your daily routine. From navigating indulgences with prudence to embracing fiber-rich foods and harmonizing your nutrition with regular exercise, MedElite empowers you to take tangible steps toward a healthier, more enriched life.

On July 27th, Dr. Rekha Bhandari, CMO of The MedElite Group, published the following piece to LinkedIn discussing the genesis of and growing demand for home healthcare services:

As the global population continues to age, more elderly and chronically ill individuals are choosing to seek home healthcare, preferring the comfort and familiarity of their own homes over institutional care. This growing trend has led to an increased demand for home healthcare services. Such shifts result from concurrent trends in the broader healthcare community – namely, those related to the current state of personnel and staffing, the cost of healthcare services, and the increasing emphasis on personalized, nuanced care.

A Reactionary Demand

Home healthcare services have risen to increased prominence, in part, as a reactionary measure for the COVID-19 pandemic, which increased demand for at-home care following widespread staffing shortages and instances of facility inaccessibility. These ongoing deficiencies have created challenges in delivering quality care to individuals requiring specialized attention.

Home healthcare services provide an alternative solution by bringing healthcare professionals directly to patients’ homes. Many skilled nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other healthcare professionals can provide medical care, rehabilitation services, and assistance with daily activities in the familiar surroundings of a patient’s home. This method not only helps alleviate the logistical burden placed on healthcare facilities – but also ensures that elderly and chronically ill individuals receive the care they need in a more personalized and convenient manner.

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Amazon Clinic, the healthcare initiative launched by retail giant Amazon, has recently announced a significant expansion of its services to encompass all 50 states in the U.S. and Washington, D.C. This move marks a notable advancement in Amazon’s foray into the healthcare sector. Initially launched in a limited number of states, the clinic’s expansion underscores Amazon’s commitment to making healthcare more accessible and convenient for consumers across the nation.

The Amazon Clinic offers a range of primary care services, aiming to provide a seamless and tech-driven healthcare experience. This expansion leverages Amazon’s extensive logistical and technological infrastructure, potentially disrupting the traditional healthcare delivery model. With an emphasis on telehealth services, the clinic aims to address the growing demand for virtual care, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amazon’s entry into healthcare has triggered considerable anticipation throughout the healthcare sector. The success of this venture could shape the industry’s future landscape, as traditional providers may need to adapt their strategies to compete with Amazon’s consumer-centric approach and vast resources.

The Power of Nutrition: Eating for a Healthy and Balanced Life

Nutrition is a cornerstone of health and wellness, as it makes up the biochemical and physiological foundation upon which we accomplish nearly all tasks and activities. Without a well-rounded diet, many aspects of life can quickly fall into disarray – from our energy levels to our immune systems’ ability to fight illness. This fact makes nutritious, balanced eating paramount for a healthier and happier life.

Here are three quick tips for boosting your daily nutrition:

Reduce Saturated Fat and Sugar

Part of living is partaking in an occasional treat, whether that is a bowl of ice cream or a piece of pizza. That said, you should enjoy such indulgences in moderation – especially those rich in saturated fat and sugar. In excess, these units can lead to a range of health problems, including heart disease and tooth decay. While you do not necessarily have to sacrifice your favorite cheat foods, be sure to exercise restraint.





Eat a More Fiber-Rich Diet

Fiber is an important macronutrient, as it helps your body regulate its use of sugars and, in turn, mitigates hunger and stabilizes blood sugar. Whether it’s soluble or insoluble, fiber should be a regular part of your diet if you’re aiming for a more nutritious lifestyle; you can find it in foods like oatmeal, chia seeds, legumes, and brown rice.






Get Active

Though technically an adjacent field, exercise can have a direct impact on eating and nutrition. Not only does physical activity help you maintain a healthy weight in tandem with dieting – it can bolster the mental aspects of maintaining a nutritious lifestyle. In fact, some research suggests that exercise may reduce the desire to consume fattening foods, creating a beneficial cyclical effect.

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